Laser nesting

Save time and money on your laser cuts
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Designed for laser cutters

Deepnest packs your parts into a compact area to save material and time. It automatically merges common lines so the laser doesn't cut the same path twice.

This not only saves time but improves part quality by avoiding heat warping from multiple laser passes.

A robust nesting engine

Deepnest employs a state of the art part layout engine with part-in-part placement and the ability to nest bitmap images for laser engraving

It can read

  • DXF files
  • SVG files
  • Corel CDR files

It can write

  • DXF files
  • SVG files

Nest credits

A nest credit is good for one export from Deepnest, regardless of the complexity of the layout.


1 Nest Credit
Occasional nesting
for hobbyists and makers


5 Nest Credits
Light use in a workshop or
makerspace environment


Unlimited nesting
For production shops and
enterprise customers

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It's easy to get started

quickstart 1

1. Import your file

quickstart 2

2. Mark the largest part as your sheet, then hit start

quickstart 3

3. Deepnest will continue to search for better solutions until you hit stop


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